vision support services

Whitaker Services has now been fully integrated into the Vision Support Services group, becoming the business’s leading Healthcare Division. Whitakers will now become a specialist product range available to buy from Vision. As Vision, our team can still work with you on all your design services and healthcare interior needs.

Vision acquired Whitaker Services in 2005, over the last 10 years Vision and Whitakers have worked in unison to develop and establish the Whitakers brand firmly within the healthcare market. Over the last decade, Whitakers has been using Vision’s multitude of global sourcing and manufacturing partners and warehousing facilities, so we can confirm that there will be little change to customers.

Both companies have worked extremely hard to ensure a careful and integral integration with no disruption to customers. Lucy Forsyth, Sales Director of Whitakers (now Vision’s Healthcare Division), says: “The integration into Vision has been taken place over many years and has been flawless. We are excited to move forward as one united company as we know this will benefit our customers and allow us to improve our offering.”

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