Debbie Butler, Business Manager at Whitaker Services, recently led on the Bupa Heol Don, Cardiff project as the Interior Design Consultant. All soft furnishings, artwork and accessories were either manufactured or supplied by Whitaker Services. Debbie was able to tap into Vision Support Services’, their parent company, vast resource and subsequently manufactured bespoke taffeta style fabrics for the bedrooms. This created a luxurious look and feel, yet remained fit for purpose whilst falling well within the customer’s budget.

This new design has since been put forward for a Pinders award, something of which Whitaker Services are very proud of. Previous projects have already resulted in the winning of a Pinders design award for their work on another Bupa property, Waverley Grange in Farnham.

For Heol Don, Debbie worked closely with Bupa staff, Dave Sedman and Claire Ellam, to create themed destination points to help those residents suffering from dementia.  Certain areas of the home focus on Cardiff, including Cardiff theatre, Rugby and famous people from the 50’s and 60’s.  Whitaker Services made use of these specific accessories to empower residents, helping them to chat and reminisce, as well as giving visitors and staff plenty to chat to them about.

Debbie said:  “Colour and textures remained paramount in the interior design scheme. I wanted to ensure every upholstery fabric and soft furnishing fabric selected was tactile, yet robust enough to withstand the rigours of day to day housekeeping and maintenance.  DDA guidelines were of course stringently adhered to, but my challenge was to create a fresh, bright interior with colours assisting with wayfinding, yet to remain aesthetically pleasing.

“My favourite room is the Cinema Room with its 1940’s glamorous look and feel.  This is not just a lounge with a large TV – it gives the feeling of a true occasion and provides a room which, I believe, has become very popular with the residents.  I loved every minute of working on this project and get enormous pleasure in knowing the residents are enjoying the comfort, tranquillity and homeliness that I’ve helped to create.”